Notes on the Exodus (3)

“Exposing Exodus”

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

The Development of the Covenant (Chapter 1 Verse 1)

The story of the exodus is also about a new and significant stage in the redemptive work and purpose of God. There is development here. For these events follow on from Genesis. Joseph, you recall, testified to the overruling providence of God(Genesis 50:20-21), with the assurance that God would bring them into the promised land (Genesis 50:24). But it goes back even further, to Abraham and the promise given to him (Genesis 15:12-16).Notice also the reason for the delay, the lawlessness of the Amorites has not yet come to full measure. This is the reason for God’s long-suffering today, the iniquity of the world is not yet filled up. But when it is, judgment will come. For mingled with God’s purposes of salvation are his purposes of judgment. It is by judgment he here delivers Israel from the hands of Egypt. It will be the same at the end of the age. We ned to learn from these events that God is at work, not just in the exciting times, but also in the slow watches of the night. He is always working, he has been preparing for these events for a long, long time. Dealing with and putting people in place, setting things in motion, preparing for future developments. But it takes the eye of faith to see God working in the slow watches.
The story of the exodus is also about prophecy. Concerning Jesus Christ that is. You must note the remarkable similarities between Christ and Moses. At the burning bush, the passover lamb, crossing the Red Sea, and then the smitten rock. Not to mention all the details of the tabernacle later on. It speaks in symbolic, typical, shadow-like language, but unmistakably Christ is there and glorified. He is in all the scriptures. There lies before us a rich feast, but as you read and study these notes you must ask the help of the Holy Spirit to open it up to you and feed your soul. To nourish your soul and enlarge your scanty faith (Psalm 119:162).

(© James R Hamilton, written Spring, 2015)Facebook
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