Notes On Romans (61)

“Wrestling With Romans”

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

A Sinner Saved by Grace (Chapter 8 Verses 18-27)

The Holy Spirit is able to pray for us effectively, because of his ability to search the human heart (v27). The Father knows what is done and said in secret (Matthew 6.4), he knows and tests our hearts (Psalm 7.9; Jeremiah 11.20; Acts 1.24; 1Thessalonians 2.4), and so it is no surprise to us that the God who lives in us, should know and understand us fully. I would think if you were not a Christian that could be a rather uncomfortable thought, to know that someone was able to tap into your inner-most thoughts? But for the Christian not so, it is very comforting in fact for we know our hearts are deceitful (Jeremiah 17.9), we barely trust ourselves at times. We sometimes do things and wonder if our motives are right in them, and all we can do at the end of the day is lay it before the Lord. Well, he knows our hearts, our motives, that is why David prayed for the Lord to search his heart (Psalm 139.23-24). The Christian is a person who’s life is transparent before God, and their desire is for the Lord to know their hearts, we want to know if there is anything there that should not be there, any wrong way with us at all.

     The sins of the non-Christian are hidden from them, they carry on blindly to a lost eternity, but God will not leave his children that way. But he graciously reveals it to us, not the whole world. But of course if we will not be told, we should not be surprised if it is made more public. So when the Lord reveals sin to us, it is so that we may deal with it properly, we must learn to accept it humbly, with meekness, because it is in our best interest. Now the Lord may choose to show us, ourselves, or on occasions it may be a close friend who can see something we can not. It may be the Lord reveals to them and urges them to approach us. Sometimes it is God’s servant who is given the task, like Nathan the prophet with King David in a more serious incident (2Samuel 12.7). But it is the ministrations of a gracious God, who searches our hearts, who knows us and wants nothing but the best for us, to free us from sin, to restore us to himself, is it not true that Christians too can be entrapped in the most awful sins, in bondage to the most extremely dehumanising sin. We live so often with masks on, religious respectability. That is not New Testament Christianity heart honesty with God and others is called for. If some people knew my heart as God does, they would probably not want to know me, be assured, my only qualification for writing these notes, is that like every other child of God, I’m am simply a sinner saved by grace.

(© James R Hamilton, written September, 1997)

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