Nepal’s Just One Effect!

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

That man should reign God made it plain,
Through all the world, his allotted domain;
To rule and conquer, and to subdue,
In all this cosmos, in every avenue.

All to man, was put into subjection,
His task so easy, none would dare to question;
The ground and beast, to man, did yield,
Nothing to hurt in land or sea, in mount or open field.

Alas, sin entered in, that’s when the roof fell in,
Mankind’s domain abused at every turn;
Seeking to hurt and destroy God’s man,
This was all part of the original plan.

Polluted and violated, its every resource,
The ground itself rages, it’s the dreaded curse;
Human sin throughout the nations,
Its far-reaching effects through all of creation.

God gets the blame for the likes of Nepal,
But that’s not fair, the cause is man’s fall;
Earthquakes and floods, the death-toll’s up,
For the world with its sin is filling the cup.

God in his grace is restoring the order,
Running salvation from border to border;
Calling his folk, till the last one’s brought in,
Remaking, renewing, man and his domain.

So sin is the cause, of all that is bad,
But redemption in Jesus makes the heart glad;
A broken world with an ache and a groan,
Will one day be made, brand new, all over again.

(© James R Hamilton, written 29th, April, 2015)



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