Notes On Mark’s Gospel (141)

“On Your Mark” – Day 141

‘Anointed Evangelism’ (Chapter 16 Verses 9-20)

We must continue with yesterday’s theme, the commission (vv15-16). Another hindrance to our fulfilling this mandate is that there is no agenda, no plan for mission amongst God’s people, quite happy, quite content to be fed upon God’s word, and let everyone and thing go passed them. Is there a degree of selfishness in that? Can any Christian or Church be worthy of that title who does not care for the lost? I do not think so. Well, we are praying! That is not enough. “Go into all the world”, do it, says Jesus! That needs a plan, because if there is no vision what happens (Proverbs 29.18)? Exactly, the people perish. Is not that what is happening all around us in England, the United Kingdom today? Where is the vision for reaching the lost? Where are the bridges for getting people to the point of preaching? What about evangelistic, gospel preaching? Study the Apostles in Acts, look at Paul and ask yourself where is that Apostolic, aggressive, anointed evangelism we see in the pages of Scripture? Where are those willing to give of themselves and their substance for the gospel? Why cannot we get support for men willing to undertake evangelistic ministries? In the New Testament, it was not the Pastors who got the financial support, they were expected to work for a living. It was the itinerant preachers, church planters who got the support. These, and many, many more issues need to be studied, examined, thought through, discussed by the Church if we are to be obedient, and fruitful in terms of this commission.

The greatest need of the Church today is still the Holy Spirit, yes, after all, that has been said, O yes I have heard you, you have got all that is to be had, well that is maybe all you will get. We need men gifted and anointed to declare the word of life. For Pastors alike, and away with these lectures that have become an excuse for sermons. Dynamic, direct, soul-searching, sin-reproving, scorching preaching that leaves people in no doubt as to God’s righteous standards and the judgment that awaits a fallen, sinful human race. Allowing God’s Spirit to be himself amongst us, to do his thing, for without him in our midst, we can do nothing at all (John 15.5). The Spirit and the Word go together, they must not be separated. Well, we are so few in number some say. Stuff and nonsense! Look at what one hundred and twenty did at Pentecost? How? By the power of God’s Spirit working in them, through them, and with them. I tell you, the most important thing for us is that God’s Spirit visits our preaching and baptises it, and remains with us (1Corinthians 2.4; 1Thessalonians 1.5). The Spirit of God has been withdrawn from the church in our nation unless he returns, our nation is lost. Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones said it nearly fifty years ago, the need of the day then and even more so now, is a baptism of the Holy Ghost. No, not Pentecostal wild-fire, no, not Charismatic excesses! These are part of the reason for the Spirit’s withdrawal. But neither the liberal theology of a hard-edged cessationism. I mean the love of God shed abroad in the church’s heart again. I mean a return to God’s truth, reformation in life and doctrine. I mean power for preaching that is so badly and evidently lacking today. For the word of God to go forth, not in word only but in the power of the Holy Ghost, sent down from heaven.

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