Notes On Romans (48)

“Wrestling With Romans”

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

Their Foolish Heart was Darkened (Chapter 8 Verses 1-17)

The opposite to verse six, is for the mind to be focused upon the sinful (v7), such a mind knows nothing of the benediction of peace. It is impossible that it should, because such a mind is hostile to, at enmity with God, it neither has peace with God, or enjoys the peace of God. A young boy once asked by a Sunday school teacher what sin was, he answered, “Please Sir! It’s what God hates”. Absolutely, spot on. God is opposed to sin, and sin is opposed to God, there can be no peace with God where there is sin. Make your mind up to be done with sin once and for all. And do it now! God has shown a desire to be reconciled to the ungodly sinner (Romans 5.8), this hostility Paul speaks of here is not in the Divine mind, but the sinners, their sinful minds are hostile to God. When we sin we are displaying an attitude of animosity, hatred even, towards God. The mind-produce of a person tells what they are in terms of relationship to God. What spills over, or out of the mind, anti-God expressions, misuse of God’s precious and lovely name, the life-style, the world-view, or value system which controls all we do and do not do, such a mind is in sinful turmoil, it is cut off from God. As long as there is tension between two nations, or two people, there cannot be peace between them, can there? As long as there is tension between you and God, there cannot be peace, can there? But rest assured, God has opened up the way, through the cross of his Son, he has made peace (Romans 5.1; Ephesians 2.15-17).

     The reason for the above, God’s value system (v7b), both God himself and his law are a barrier to the sinful mind. This mind wants such removed from its path in order to be at more sin, to please and gratify self. So what does it do? It denies the very existence of God, pretends he just is not there, convenient, wishful thinking. And suitable too, because the next stage is, it dreams up its own moral code, its own value system, which keeps some checks and balances on board, but at the same time permits the sinful indulgence it wants. It does not and cannot submit itself to God. Let people get rid of God and there is nothing they cannot or will not do. You look at the world full of inhumanity, racism, hatred, violence, perversion, sickness and disease, this sink of human contamination, its fountain, source, is sinful minds that are at enmity with, hostile towards God, willingly and deliberately explaining him away (Romans 1.18-20).

(© James R Hamilton, written September, 1997)

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