Notes On Romans (46)

“Wrestling With Romans”

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

Breathe on Me, Breath of God (Chapter 8 Verses 1-17)

Here is the great difference between the old and new life-style (v5). Before we lived according to the desires of our sinful nature, living simply for self, what we wanted. But now there is someone else on board, God the Holy Spirit, whose influence and desires are exerted within us now, and the more yielded we are to him, the more we are living to God. In the past our minds were set totally on the things pertaining to this life, and gratifying what our human nature demanded of us. You know, the cravings, desires that occupied your mind before conversion. Some of it may have caused dreadful consequences in our lives, it did for some in the New Testament Church (1Corinthians 6.9-11), and for some it would have taken an amazing degree of grace to erase. Perhaps for some of us we are still struggling with those old mind-sets? That is why later on Paul says, our minds need to be transformed by God’s gracious renewal process (Romans 12.1-2), through the operations of God’s Spirit and word. Now, our thinking, our mind-set should have been lifted, to a higher plane, a heavenly one (Colossians 3.2).

     The Spirit of God is holy and therefore desires what is holy (v5b), so if he lives in us he will be constantly urging us towards that which is holy. Now, because of our justification we are devoted to spiritual matters, a spiritual mind-set. This is a dimension, a plane we never thought or new existed before. He is the warrior Spirit, who fights and battles against sin within us, enabling us to kill it (Romans 8.13). He being naturally spiritual, gives us spiritual enjoyment as we yield ourselves to his superb teaching, he fills our minds with praise for Jesus Christ (Ephesians 5.19; Colossians 3.16). In his strength, through his urgings we live a life of prayerfulness, always in the presence of God, knowingly, feelingly, at the kitchen sink, in the garage, the office, always in God’s presence, enjoying and praising him. He is the Spirit of Jesus (Romans 8.9), and one of his main functions is to shine the light upon Jesus (John 16.13-14), therefore, he will always be leading us back to Christ, and urging us to be more like Christ, fulfilling God’s ultimate purpose in us (Romans 8.29). He will be constantly breathing into our souls, divine conformity, thus leading us to a humble and contrite spirit, an utter refusal of any self-righteousness, just simple ongoing believing and receiving of Jesus Christ and his righteousness.

(© James R Hamilton, written September, 1997)

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