Notes On Mark’s Gospel (116)

“On Your Mark”

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

Saturated With His Presence (Chapter 14 V 12-26)

The question of where the Passover is to be observed is specifically answered by Jesus (vv12-13). The address, or name of the person who owns the house is not mentioned. For reasons of privacy? But obviously the two sent, Peter and John themselves know. Therefore Jesus and his disciples would be able to celebrate the Passover in complete security. The disciples are to rendezvous with the house owner, who is obviously a disciple of Jesus himself (v14), and will have prepared a room for them. It was just as Jesus said it would be (v15). Everything was prepared for this memorable and so very important occasion, monumental for these men (v16).

This is the final pre-resurrection teaching session, which of course John in his gospel brings out more fully. For eleven of these men who have come to a living experience of the God-Man, Jesus Christ, they are about to be taken further, deeper. Their experience of Christ is an ever-increasing one of intimate acquaintance, something that takes not just physical preparation, like the supper, but spiritual. To achieve this it may take some hard work, perhaps a break with some former beliefs, a lifeless orthodoxy and tradition that pervades many Churches today. Yes, and that could be hard work, it could maybe cost you some friends. But O to have Jesus for an intimate closer friend, would it not be worth it? It might mean for some, jettisoning the cheap values of the fallen world in which we live. Becoming totally detached in spirit from all that unbelievers hold so dear, and cling to. Setting ourselves free, and allowing ourselves the complete and simple enjoyment of Jesus. It may mean us learning, or perhaps re-learning the art of long and loving meditation upon his person, his majesty. The chorus “Majesty” has been sung endlessly by many, but how many really feel, live in, or under the sense of that majesty, how much of a reality is his majesty in our daily lives? The main focal point of most Christians lives today is self, and just like Judas it betrays the one who loved us and gave himself for us. There is continually a death to die (Galatians 2.20). It is costly, like Mary’s worship (vv1- 10), but the fragrance in heaven is beautiful, and the closer you get to him, the more it will affect others around you in and out of the Church community. O for our lives to be filled with God (Ephesians 5.18), saturated with his presence.

(© James R Hamilton, written September, 1996)

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