Notes On Romans (12)

“Wrestling With Romans”

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

Is That a Log in Your Eye?  (Chapter 2 Verses 1-16)

The Apostle prepares this moralist for the gospel, he drives home, he preaches the terror of the law (vv5-11), to convict, so that he may repent. The mullish stubbornness that refuses to budge in repentance (v5), is accumulating, storing up, like a storm cloud gathering rain water, for the wrath of God which will not fail to burst upon this person’s head (v5b). God’s bank will never default (Romans 6.23a; 1.18). Is this why we are seeing so few non-Christians coming into our Churches today because of the sins of God’s own people? The apostasy which is rife in the Church? It is almost as though God refuses to allow us to preach thou shalt not to others, while there remains moral and spiritual blindness upon us ourselves (2Corinthians 3.14-15). How can God trust his saving work to the hands of people who have themselves been blinded (Matthew 15.14). We, the Church, need to see clearly the sin that lies at our own door, our own heart even. We, the Church, need men who can see clearly, with courage and conviction themselves, with spiritual vision and power, with the anointing of the Holy Ghost upon them, to bring us to the cross again. Our hearts need to be broken by a Spirit-empowered law-preaching. I do not doubt that if such men were given to us, some would be stoned, pilloried, even crucified, in the name of the worldly Christianity that fills many Churches today. The reward awaits each Christian and non-Christian alike (v6), God has no favourites (v11).

     The Jews would perhaps think because they have the law, Moses, the Old Bible, that they will escape, well, I mean, they are not like other men, are they (Luke 18.11). What foolishness! Whether people have Bible’s or not, whether they claim to operate within the parameters of those Scriptures or not. If they are not declared righteous before God by faith in Christ and by faith alone, if they are not clothed in God’s perfect righteousness which comes to all through faith in Jesus Christ (Romans 3.21-31), and him alone (John 14.6; Acts 4.12), they will both perish together (v12). The hearers and doers of the law Paul speaks of (v10; 13) are not moralists, but those who through faith have been justified by God and have God’s law written on their hearts (v15; Hebrews 8.10), and obey God’s law from a new heart of flesh (Ezekiel 36.26). Their faith is demonstrated by a life-style which conforms to the standards of God’s moral code. It is God’s righteous judgment which will decide in the end (v16; Matthew 13.24-30). He knows everything (Genesis 18.25; John 5.42; John 2.25).

(© James R Hamilton, written September, 1997)

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