An Ode to Charlie Hebdo

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

Charlie Hebdo was the Frenchman’s name,
Writing, satire was the name of his game;
From his skittish humour none were safe,
With his eloquent flare, many he’d chafe.

Charlie’s conviction and courage he’s shown,
Intent that his freedom should not be shorn;
In characteristic caricature he drew a bead,
On the Serpent’s deadly and iniquitous seed.

Islam’s false prophet he satirically displayed,
With threats of death he would not be delayed;
“I’d rather die than live like a rat,” Mr Hebdo;
Today all over Europe, Charlie’s a hero.

Gunned down in cold blood, he and his friends,
By the same old cowards with their Islamic trends;
Who murder the innocent, yes children as well,
On our city streets where once in safety, all could dwell.

In Germany, in France the people rise in protest,
Enough of this religion, it’s behaviour’s grotesque;
Our rulers together conspired against the Lord & his anointed,
To destroy the bounds that He for nations appointed.

Charlie’s satirical voice must never be silenced,
Especially after what today the world has witnessed;
For evil to win, continue to slay, won’t take much,
Just the rest of us to hide in the corner of some church.

Against this evil our voices like Charlie’s must be raised,
Till all our countries of Europe again are freed;
Millions of our people died because in silence men shied,
From speaking out the truth while Adolf lied.

It must not happen ever again, I hear it said repeatedly,
But it will if we won’t, like Charlie, stand up and be counted;
In peaceful protest from London to Brussels make it known,
That the people of Europe with them, are sick to the bone.

(Charlie Hebdo is simply personalised here for poetic purposes)

(© James R Hamilton, written January, 2015)
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