Notes On Mark’s Gospel (69)

“On Your Mark”

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

Restore Us Again O Lord (Chapter 8 Verses 22-26)

The search (v22) for peace and quiet seems to be an impossibility for the Lord and his disciples. He is sought yet again to minister to this blind man. Again the sign language is used (vv22-23), as Jesus seeks to engender faith in this man. A great gift and blessing is about to fall upon him. Is the gradual healing here to impress upon the man what exactly Jesus is doing for him and who is doing it? It certainly is not due to any powerlessness in Jesus as some would suggest. In answer to Jesus question (v23), the man begins to exercise his sight, things are vague, but his sight is returning. Is not that how it is with most of us regarding spiritual sight, it very rarely if ever comes with immediacy. We begin to see issues in a sort of vague way, our conception of sin, who and what Jesus is, but bit by bit as he opens the eyes of our understanding, we see more and more from his word, until we come to a full (?) understanding of him. Is not that the purpose behind this sign? To point to Jesus the restorer of sight, to blind people and nations. Only he can open the eyes of the physically and the spiritually blind (v25; Luke 4.18; John 9.39)?

But what about our sight, or sights, what are they set upon? God has put eternity in our souls (Ecclesiastes 3.11), and many of us Christians have chosen time instead. He has set a glorious tomorrow before us, a future of eternal bliss, and we cannot get our eyes of today and the things of this world. Is it not incredible? Have we lost sight of heaven? Do we really believe it? We say we can see, but can we? We say we are a people bound for heaven but do we show an eagerness to be there? When Christians, and Churches are bored with doctrine, weary of prayer meetings, and not much better when it comes to God himself. Are we too comfortable, too well-off, over satisfied with what we have? Is it perhaps a reality that God is judging even his Church with a spiritual blindness because of our sins? All we have been given in Christ, the remedy, the cure for the sins of the world (1John 2.1-2). And while Rome burns, we fiddle. Some would say too late! No I do not believe so. There are too many promises of restoration, of reformation in the Bible (2Chronicles 7.14), there is the Lord’s constant and ever open invitation to his people (Luke 11.9-13; John 7.37-38). We need a baptism of clear sight, our sinfulness, and of God’s love and willingness to restore us again.

(© James R Hamilton, written September, 1996)

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