Notes On Titus (26)

“Trouble-Shooting With Titus”

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

“Wise Separation” (3:10)

Paul is only too aware that there will be those who will persist in their evil ways. Who will be factious, divisive. It is heretics he is talking about here. The warning is sobering and stern, but we must be clear on this. See the stern action that is taken with a person who is hindering the conversion of another (Acts 13:6-12). Note the disciplinary measures taken against the deniers of the resurrection (1Timothy 1:19-20). As Christians we are warned about the influence that is bad (2Timothy 2:14, 16-18). The apostle of love, John, warns us not receive certain persons over the threshold of our homes (2John 10-11). Else we share in their wickedness. For when it comes to the truth of gospel and the fellowship of God’s people, there is far too much at stake.

The trouble is wrong teaching is so damaging, and so hard to get rid of. It is normally harder to unlearn something than it is to learn something afresh. So what are we to do with such people as these? It is clear, you warn them once, you warn them twice, after which if there is no repentance, separation, you avoid them. If the church fails to do so it must suffer the consequences (Matthew 12:25). If we truly believe that the church is the greatest kingdom of all, it will be precious to us, we will put it before the ramblings of heretics. O yes, I hear the voices of the liberals crying, unloving, unkind, intolerant! No, it is a lack of love on the part of the heretic that is the problem, they love not the truth. The unkindness lies with them also, they would infect the church with their soul-damning poison. We must not tolerate their damnable heresies at any cost. The souls of men, our children and grandchildren are at stake,

(© James R Hamilton, written September, 1998)

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