Notes On Titus (25)

“Trouble-Shooting With Titus”

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!


“Foolish Controversy” (3:9)

Now the negative side, words of caution. Titus and we, must guard against every distraction from the truth. We must all avoid everything that would cause disturbance within the fellowship. Paul says keep clear of those who would cause such foolish controversies v9. What he means is a nonsensical seeking after that which amounts to nothing. Endless talking and discussion which becomes a substitute, or escape from the actual work and activity we ought to be involved with. All talk about theory, the speculative, and getting further and further from what Scripture actually says. This especially so where false teachers are involved Titus 1:10-16). This is something that needs to guarded against in the church today. When everyone wants discussion rather than instruction.

We ever need to be on our guard against those who seek to gather groups around themselves, and teaching what is contrary to the main doctrine of the church. It is so easy to get taken up with controversy. Then the time and energy that ought to be devoted to teaching the truth gets swallowed up. There is a time to turn away from some people, no mistake. We need to make it plain that they are not genuine seekers after the truth. For to continue arguing and debating with them, would simply be unprofitable, no use at all, no advantage to anyone, or the fellowship as a whole. To continue the discussion no proper goal would be accomplished. Paul’s judgment, avoid them, steer clear of them.

(© James R Hamilton, written September, 1998)

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