Notes On Titus (22)

“Trouble-Shooting With Titus”

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

“Congregational Purity” (3:1)

We go from the heights of salvation theology to the practical issues facing believers living in a fallen world. Although he has been dealing with and emphasising eternal matters, there is no suggestion of us being so heavenly minded, we are of no earthly use. Though I hardly think that charge could be laid to this generation of Christians. In our modern, confused, disordered world there is but one to be useful. That is to be clear-minded in regards to God’s  standards and principles. Remember the background Titus has to minister to (Titus 1:12). Is Western culture much different? The Cretans were under Roman rule, they were a pretty tough bunch. Perhaps their natural tendency would be to rebel, kick against what they did not like. Paul insists that Christians are not to live like that.

The Christian is to be submissive in their attitude within the society God has placed them, wherever that be. We recognise that our circumstances are ordered by the sovereign providence of the God who has loved and saved us. Before we even begin to think about revolution, or war even, we need to ask ourselves, why is our society as it is. Are we reaping the harvest of generations of sin? Is what we have in terms of national government the chastisement of God for our iniquity? We have sat very lightly to our God-given privileges in Great Britain for a very long time. Now we are beginning to lose them we are being squeezed, marginalised, we are not listened to anymore. And we do not like it. However, whatever our national circumstances might be, we are called to be God’s witnesses in that society.

(© James R Hamilton, written September, 1998)

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