Notes on Titus (15)

“Trouble-Shooting With Titus”

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

Senior Citizens (2:2-3)

Now we begin to see something of the out-working of the sound doctrine of the previous verse, which is the basis for Christian conduct. Doctrine is so important, because it affects us in so many ways, all of us, young and old alike. Paul begins with the seniors in the congregation, the aged men v2. These are not necessarily elders, church officers, though it would also include them. These ought to be examples to others. They are to be “temperate” is not a reference to alcohol, as in the temperance movement. It means temperate, moderate in all things, in our words, our thoughts and actions. Paul would have these aged men to be men of serious purpose. Age ought to make us sensible if nothing else, you will have heard the saying “there’s no fool like and old fool.” This should not be in an elderly Christian man.  They should be men with a sense of values, eternal ones. Men who reveal in their lives the grace of faith, love, and patience. They should be a serious encouragement to the younger men in the congregation.

Are not those later years some of the most dangerous years. When you think of the characters of Scripture who stumbled in their later years, it is enough to make one tremble. Men like Abraham, Jacob, Noah and even king David a man after God’s own heart, they all fell in their later years. I recall from my years in the transport industry, the road safety people taught us that the last ten miles of a journey were always the most dangerous. Why? When you start of you are fresh, alert, your mind is sharp always looking out for any dangers that might cause an accident. But the last ten miles, you know the route, you have done it a thousand times before, you are tired, thinking about home, the family, a meal, your guard is down. You are at your most dangerous as you travel those last ten miles. In the spiritual realm this is true also. If men such as Abraham, Jacob, Noah and David could mess up in their later years, does that not suggest to you and I that we need to be careful? As we grow older we show grow wiser. Watch and pray, Jesus said.

(© James R Hamilton, written September, 1998)

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