The Antichrist Defined!

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

The term the Antichrist is rarely and often one of vagueness to most Christians today. That he is against God, Christ and us that we know and understand for sure. That he is hostile to Christ and his church is also known and understood. He is both an enemy and also a ‘substitute’, in place of Christ and his work. Jesus Christ atoned for our sins, this the Antichrist will totally deny. He will know nothing of atonement, it will be religion without a cross. His hostility to Christianity will be openly declared. His kingdom will be an earthly one as opposed to the Messianic Kingdom of Christ. In this he will offer himself as a substitute for Christ. A cross-less earthly global religion promising blessing to all mankind. In the words of Archbishop Trench, “He will not call himself Christ, for he will be filled with deadliest hate, both against the name and office, against the whole spirit and temper of Jesus of Nazareth, now the exalted King of glory…He will not assume the name of Christ, and so will not in the letter be a false Christ, yet assuming to himself Christ’s offices, presenting himself to the world as the true centre of its hopes, as the satisfaction of its needs, and healer of its hurts, he will, in fact, take upon himself all names and forms of blasphemy; will be the false Christ and the Antichrist both at once.” Not a subject to be over alarmed about? On the contrary, it is a subject of the utmost importance, vital to every one who names the name of Christ.

(© James R Hamilton, written 23rd, May, 2014)

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