The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

The wonderful wisdom of God in the Christology of the Psalms. These divine songs never swerve from the just line of truth in their representations of the Person of Christ. We have seen how copiously and loftily they celebrate his superhuman dignity, how unqualifiedly they crown him with the incommunicable name of God, how reverently they offer to him divine worship…What is of more importance they bring him near to us. Without the slightest touch of that offensive familiarity which has sometimes tainted the uninspired hymns in celebrating the incarnation and humanity of the Lord, the Psalms present to us the man Christ Jesus with a boldness that has never been approached. In singing them, we are permitted, like the doubting apostle, to satisfy ourselves, as by actual contact, that the Son of God has truly come in the flesh. We are permitted to handle the Holy One, to touch the print of the nails and the pierced side; we are even suffered to feel the throbbings of the human heart within. How wonderful, how inexpressibly wonderful, in this connection is the twenty-second Psalm!

(A Pathway to the Psalter, William Binnie)

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