Traditional or New Testament Christian?

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

“A tradition, though it may often be a good one, is not in itself to be considered sacrosanct. Even in the case of a good tradition, and one which ought to be preserved, the whole motive for its preservation must not be just ‘traditionalism’. A christian man is not called upon to be a mere antiquary, or one who is simply concerned with maintaining the status quo. We must not preserve our evangelical principles simply because they have a venerable pedigree, valuable as the example of our predecessors may be. That which the New Testament calls upon us to perpetuate is something which is living and dynamic, and which carries its own authentication. Nor must we be animated by a mere party spirit. We must not simply contend, as in history men have often done, for family or for locality or for political party for its own sake. Some of our friends and allies tend give the impression that they are not fighting for the truth itself so much as for their own particular theological party. Nor must we be actuated by anything in the nature of a spirit of fear; but ‘of power, and of love, and of a sound mind’ (2Timothy 1:7). Some people seem to be conservative evangelicals simply because they will not examine anything other than the contentions of their own school of thought. The type of person who says that he believes the whole Bible in the Authorised Version ‘from cover to cover, including all the commas as well’, is almost certainly one who is unaware of the problems of a translator and is probably equally oblivious of the nature of the writing in the earliest manuscripts and their lack of punctuation marks. Such a man is often one who fears to look into such matters lest he should be confronted by tests of his faith. Further, we must disown any such negative attitudes as those which we associate with bellicose personalities. We must not hold tenaciously to our evangelicalism simply because we have a contentious spirit. It is all too easy for most of us to confuse mere prejudice with vital principle.”

(Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones)
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