Sergeant Alex Blackman!

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

He was trained by queen and country,
To fight and kill, to defend the realm;
The reason he joined, the infantry,
A task for most, that would overwhelm.

Our Sergeant Alex Blackman,
Inspired his men, with courage and skill;
In the raging battle against the Taliban,
Fulfilling his masters will.

With hands tied behind his back,
He fought the cowards of Afghanistan;
Their roadside bombs, planted in the dark,
He kept his cool, Sergeant Blackman.

He saw his mates crippled and die,
At the hands of terror and the evil of Islam;
Wouldn’t you sometimes ask, why?
But for his masters back home? It’s no harm!

They send them to Ireland, Iraq and elsewhere,
To fight in wars without just cause;
But to shoot and kill, what soldier dares,
That’s against their political laws.

Sergeant Blackman shot and killed,
A terrorist coward and religious thug;
Now he’s in prison, as a murderer billed,
By his political masters, who started the gig.

Our brave young soldiers, set to defend,
Deserve much better, treatment than this;
So for the cause of Alex, and other men,
Lift up your voice, and cry for his release!

(© James R Hamilton, 2014)
Sermon Audio

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