Hypocrisy (3)!

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

This evil lies very close in the soul of a Christian. For instance Barnabas was carried away with dissimulation (Galatians 2:13). Some their works were found to be imperfect (Revelation 3:2). Hypocrisy lies in outward acts, but may be in the most inward acts of the soul, in fact it may touch upon the most spiritually refined acts. O! there are few fully what they appear to be. Beware of hypocrisy in fundamentals, for it is all one if you do not have truth in what you profess, though you sincerely and honestly profess what you think, as though you gave the appearance of what you are not; it is all one, as to the event. But, that there may be such hypocrites, will appear more fully, if we consider the power of the imagination, this can work as strongly in religious persuasions as in natural things. Or consider what natural principles, influenced with common grace, may amount to. In all hypocritical acts, there is a mixture of common grace and carnal principles. There may be a confusion in the second acts, but it there is confusion in the principles, that is hypocrisy.

(© James R Hamilton)
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