Why Do the Heathen Rage (Psalm 2)!

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

vv1-2 Why do the heathen plot in vain,
As one, conspire to make them strong;
Schemes, plans of those, in earthly reign,
Against the Lord’s anointed King.

v3 Come let us break these bands and chains,
With one accord, it is their cry;
Casting away, all that restrains,
Why do the heathen rage, O why?

vv4-5 The One that sits in heaven rules,
He laughs, He scoffs in great derision;
Speaks in His wrath, His word appalls,
Makes known His indignation.

v6 Yet God the Lord He has declared,
I’ve set my King, My chosen One;
On Zion’s holy hill enthroned,
The City of Jerusalem.

v7 The King declares the Lord’s decree,
“Thou art my Son”, is what He said;
Today have I begotten Thee,
That’s what the King Himself has said.

vv8-9 Ask only ask, and I’ll give you,
The nations, an inheritance;
Ends of the earth to break and smash,
Your earth to own and rule advance.

vv10-11 Therefore you kings be wise and learn,
You rulers of the earth as well;
Before the Lord with fear do bend,
And worship to your God fulfil.

v12 Submit to God’s royal Son,
Avoid His anger, burning wrath;
Lest you should perish and be gone,
Trusting’s the only joyful path.

(Tune: Duke St; Rimington; LM)
(© James R. Hamilton, written, Friday, 14th, January, 2005)

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