The Hamilton Clan – The Sweetest Bunch in Maine!

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

Chara Grace so sweet and cool,
So kind and good, she ain’t nobody’s fool;
That love and sweetness, it’s to the name we trace,
Sure is a double portion of Chara Grace.

Abigail Faith is second to none,
She’s just such a bundle of love and fun;
Pretty as a picture, just leaves you out of breath,
Trust me, that’s Abigail Faith.

Blair Hope? Shucks, that smile,
It’d melt the heart the fiercest crocodile;
So if you’re down and blue, and feel you can’t cope,
Just turn round and look, at Blair Hope.

Robert Chalmers, he takes up the rear,
But with three big sisters, ain’t no fear;
He just shouts and hollers and he’s surrounded by calmers,
That’s our Robert, Chalmers.

So takes you’re pick, the Hamilton Clan,
The sweetest bunch in the State of Maine;
Ain’t nothing better, not even blueberry pie,
Them beautiful kids bring a tear, to Grampaw’s eye.

(For my American grandchildren)
(© Grampaw Hamilton, written, Tuesday, 11th, October, 2005)

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