O Lord My God (Psalm 7)

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

v1 O Lord my God in Thee I do,
I put my trust in Thee;
From my oppressors, come rescue,
And do deliver me.

v2 My soul he’ll like a lion tear,
To pieces rive my soul;
Whilst there is none that can deliver,
No-one to save my soul.

v3 O Lord my God if I have done,
Is this iniquity?
If in my hands there is this sin,
If Lord I am guilty.

v4 If I have rendered evil to,
Who was at peace with me;
Without a cause have spoiled my foe,
That was my enemy.

v5 Then to my foes deliver me,
My soul let them tread down;
My honour from me take away,
E’en into dust tread down.

v6 Lift up Thyself in anger Lord,
Because my foes do burn;
Wake up! Stand up! O Thou my God,
Thy justice to me turn.

v7 So shall the nations gather round,
To Thee they all shall come;
The people Thee, they shall surround,
Return Thou to Thy throne.

v8 Thou Lord shall judge the people, yes,
Judge me, O Lord, e’en me;
According to my righteousness,
Integrity found in me.

v9 The wicked bring them to an end,
And stablish Thou the just;
A righteous God You cannot bend,
And try mens hearts You must.

v10 My shield is God, He’s my defence,
The one Who saves the right;
Those who with within show righteousness,
Sincere and right in heart.

v11 God judges men, yes righteous men,
He judges good men true;
And God is wroth, yes does condemn,
Each day the wicked too.

v12 If he’ll not turn and do repent,
God’s sword is set to fall;
His bow is ready, it is bent,
If he’ll not turn at all.

v13 The tools of death God has prepared,
Made ready for him too;
His arrows He’s appointed,
For those who persecute.

v14 See how he with iniquity,
Travails with it, it’s plain;
Conceives mischief, brings forth deceit,
Gives birth to what is sin.

vv15-16 He’s dug a pit and fallen in,
Into his ditch he made;
His sin upon his head come down;
His mischief on him turned.

v17 I’ll praise the Lord His righteousness,
I’ll sing, I’ll praise His name;
The Lord most high, His holiness,
I’ll sing the Lord’s good name.

(Tune: Bays of Harris; CM)
(© James R. Hamilton, written, Sunday, 6th, March, 2005)

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