O Hear My Words (Psalm 5)!

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

vv1-2 O hear my words, give ear O Lord,
Regard my inmost thoughts;
O hear my cry, my King and God,
Pay heed to my request.

v3 O listen to me as I pray,
Each morning as I cry;
I wait, I pray, I look to Thee,
And wait for Your reply.

vv4-5 You’re not a God that’s pleased with sin,
No evil with You dwells;
The proud with You they cannot stand,
Nor in Your sight have fools.

vv6-7 You shall destroy them that tell lies,
Who murder and deceive;
But I because of Your mercies,
In fear will worship Thee.

v8 Lead me O Lord in righteousness,
Make straight Your way for me;
Give me, to me, the great conquest,
To beat my enemy.

v9 There is with them no faithfulness,
Their throats are like a grave;
Their mouths and hearts are wickedness,
Their evil to contrive.

v10 Destroy them God and let them fall,
Their counsels them condemn;
For they against You do rebel,
From You O Lord, cast them.

vv11-12 But those who trust in You rejoice,
For Your defence You give;
Your righteous people You will bless,
And shield them with Your love.

(Tune: Belmont; CM)
(© James R. Hamilton, written, Saturday, 12th, February, 2004)

Sermon Audio

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