The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

The objections that Baptists love to make against the baptism of infants are not scriptural, but rather are drawn from their own mind. They assert that baptism is a sign and a seal of the righteousness of faith, of the forgiveness of sin, of regeneration. They conclude, therefore, that baptism may be administered only to those who confess their faith, that is, to those who are known to be believers. They also point out that it is an established fact that many baptised infants prove in later life to be no children of God at all and are lost. Therefore, they conclude that it is wrong to administer the sign of baptism to children of believers before they come to years of discretion. Against this argument many counter-arguments may be adduced, such as the fact that faith can be, and in fact is, in the hearts of infants, implanted immediately by the Holy Spirit. Although they do not yet actually believe, they have the faculty or the power of faith. Moreover, if Baptists argue that one must be sure that faith is present in the heart before one can be baptised, the Baptist himself cannot baptise on that ground, because there may be , and in fact are, hypocrites among those who are baptised. But the chief argument that the Baptists produce turns against themselves, for what they argue against baptism holds in its full force against infant circumcision. Yet the Lord directly enjoins circumcision upon the seed of Abraham in their generations.

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