The Church (2)!

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

The idea that the conglomeration of churches all point to Christ, strive to reach his fulness, but all are imperfect. So it is argued that no particular church on earth dare claim to be the pure church in distinction from others, we all make up one imperfect form of the church, one no purer than the other. This is false. It denies that the pure preaching of the word of God is, indeed, the distinguishing mark of the true church. According to this view, the truth of the gospel is vague and ambiguous. Scripture cannot serve as a clear and definite criterion to determine where the truth is confessed and preached. Hence, the preaching of the sovereign grace of God and of absolute predestination together with the Arminian error of man’s free will constitute an approach to the truth; both are aspects of a truth that lies on a higher plane, too high for us to grasp. If one church believes in infant baptism, and the other opposes this truth, while a third must have nothing of “water baptism” at all, they are all fundamentally agreed, only, they are striving to reach a height of truth that is beyond them. In such a view there is no room for discipline exercised upon those that introduce false doctrines. But this is quite contrary to the whole word of God which everywhere exhorts us to stand fast in the truth, and to watch against the false prophets and teachers, that would seduce the saints from the way of righteousness. False this view is, too, from a historical viewpoint. For it is simply not true that all the existing denominations and sects represent so many forms of the church, simultaneously striving to attain to the fulness of the truth in Christ.

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