The Church (1)!

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

The church is called out of the entire human race, from every nation, and tongue, and tribe, and from every age and generation that ever existed or will exist even to the end of the ages, the holy catholic church is gathered. Always, therefore, in every generation, the church exists in the world. There was never a period in history in which the church was obliterated. The line of her history is unbroken. And constantly she increases in numbers. For as she is gathered out of the human race, she exists, for a time, in this world, in order then to pass on into the church in glory. Hence, the holy catholic church consists, till the end of time, of three parts: the church on earth, or the church militant and in suffering, though always victorious; the church in heaven, or the church in glory; and the church that must still be born and called out of future generations.

(© James R Hamilton)
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