The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

Of course what reveals and recommends to us the eternal and unmerited grace of election, is at the same time the express testimony of the Scripture, that not all, but some only are elected, while others are rejected in the eternal decree, of whom God, out of his sovereign, most just, irreprehensible, and unchangeable good pleasure, has decreed to leave in the common misery into which they have willingly plunged themselves, and not to bestow upon them saving faith, and the grace of conversion; but permitting them in his just judgment to follow their own ways, at last for the declaration of his justice, to condemn and punish them forever, not only on account of their unbelief, but also for all their other sins. This is the decree of reprobation which by no means makes God the author of sin (the very thought of which is blasphemy), but declares him to be an awful, irreprehensible, and righteous judge and avenger thereof.

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