Sin of Uncleanness (8)

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

Argument 7: There are those few that have recovered by repentance out of it, but O how bitter God has made it to their souls! “I find it more bitter than death” (Ecclesiastes 7:26). Death is a very bitter thing; O what a struggling and reluctance is there in nature against it; but this is more bitter. Poor David found it so, when he roared under those bloody lashes of conscience for it (Psalm 51)! Ah when the Lord shall open the poor sinner’s eyes, to see the horror and guilt he has hereby contracted upon his own poor soul, it will haunt him as a ghost, day and night, and terrify his soul with dreadful forms and representations! O dear bought pleasure, if this were all it should cost! What is now become of the pleasure of sin? O what gall and wormwood will you taste, when once the Lord shall bring you to a sight of it? The Hebrew word for repentance (nacham), and the Greek word (metalmelia), the one signifies, an irking of the soul, and the other signifies, after-grief: Yes, it is called, a renting of the heart, as if it were torn in pieces in a man’s breast. Ask such a poor soul, what it thinks of such a course now? O now it loathes it, abhors itself for them. Ask him, if he dare sin in that kind again? You may as well ask me, he will answer, whether I will thrust my hand into the fire, O it breeds an indignation in him against himself. That word in the second of Corinthians chapter seven and verse eleven signifies the rising of the stomach with very rage, and being sick with anger. Religious wrath is the fiercest wrath. O what a furnace  is the breast of a poor penitent! What fumes, what heats do abound in it, while the sin is ever before him, and the sense of the guilt is upon him? One night of carnal pleasure will keep you many days and nights upon the rack of horror, if ever God give you repentance unto life.

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