Sin of Uncleanness (5)

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

Argument 4: Consider what an indelible blot it is to your nature, character, which can never be wiped away, even though you escape with your life yet, as one says, you shall be burned in the hand, yes, branded in the forehead. What a foul scar that is on the face of David himself, which remains to this day? He was upright in all things, save in the matter of Uriah. And how was he slighted by his own children and servants after he had committed this sin! Compare 1Samuel 2:30 with 2Samuel 11:1011. A wound and dishonour shall he get, and his reproach shall not be wiped away. This is to give your honour to another (Proverbs 5:9). The shame and approach attending it should be a preservative from it. Indeed the devil tempts to it by hopes of secrecy and concealment, but though many other sins be hid, and possibly shall never come to light until that day of manifestation of all hidden things, yet this is a sin that is most unusually discovered. Under the law, God appointed an extraordinary way for its discovery (Numbers 5:13). And to this day the providence of God does often strangely bring it to light, though it be a deed of darkness, the Lord has many times brought such persons, either by terror of conscience, frenzy, or some other means, to be the publishers and proclaimers of their own shame. Yes, observe this, said the Reverend Mr. Hildersham on the fourth of John, even those that are most cunning to conceal and hide it from the eyes of the world, yet through the just judgment of God, every one suspects and condemns them for it, this dashes in pieces, at one stroke, that vessel in which the precious ointment of a good name is carried. A fool in Israel shall be your title, and even children shall point at you.

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