Sin of Uncleanness (11)

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

Argument 10: Last one, consider but one thing more, and I have done. By this sin you not only damn your own soul, but draw another to hell with you. This sin is not as a single bullet that kills but one, but as a chain-shot, it kills many, two at least, unless God give repentance. And if he should give you repentance, yet the other party may never repent, and so perish for ever through your wickedness; and oh, what a sad consideration will that be to you, that such a poor soul is in hell, or likely to go there by your means? You have made fast a snare upon a soul, which you cannot untie; you have done that which may be matter of sorrow to you as long as you live; but though you can grieve for it, you can not remedy it. In other sins it is not so: if you had stolen another’s goods, restitution might be made to the injured party, but here can be none: if you had murdered another, your sin was your own, not his that was murdered by you: but this is a complicated sin, defiling both at once; and if neither repent, then oh, what a sad greeting will these poor wretches have in hell! How will they curse the day that ever they saw each other’s face! O what an aggravation of their misery will this be! For look, as it will be a matter of joy in heaven, to behold such there as we have been instrumental to save, so must it needs be a stinging aggravation of the misery of the damned to look upon those who have been the instruments and means of their damnation. O, methinks if there be any tenderness at all in your conscience, if this sin has not totally brawned and stupified you, these arguments should pierce like a sword through your guilty soul. Reader, I beseech you, by the mercies of God, if you have defiled your soul by this abominable sin, speedily to repent. O get the blood of sprinkling upon you; there is yet mercy for such a wretch as you are, if you will accept the terms of it. “Such were some of you, but you are washed” (1Corinthians 6:11). Publicans and harlots may enter into the kingdom of God (Matthew 21:31). Though but few such are recovered, yet how do you know but the hand of mercy may pull you as a brand out of the fire, if now you will return and seek it with tears? Though it be “a fire that consumes to destruction” (Job 31:12), yet it is not an unquenchable fire, the blood of Christ can quench it. And for you, whom God has kept up to now from the contagion of it, O bless the Lord, and use all God’s means for the prevention of it. The seeds of this sin are in your nature; no thanks to you, but to restraining grace, that you are not delivered up to it also.

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