Sin of Uncleanness (10)

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

Argument 9: Consider further, however closely you carry your wickedness in this world, though it should never be discovered here, yet there is a day coming when all will out, and that before angels and men. God will rip up your secret sins in the face of that great congregation at the day of judgment. Then that which was done in secret shall be proclaimed as upon the house-top (Luke 12:3). “Then God will judge the secrets of men, the hidden things of darkness will be brought into the open light” (Romans 2:16). Sinner, there will be no sculking for you in the grave, no declining this bar; you refused, indeed, to come to the throne of grace, when God invited you, but there will be no refusing to appear before the bar of justice, when Christ shall summon you. And as you cannot decline appearing, so neither can you palliate and hide your wickedness any longer; for then shall the books be opened; the book of God’s omniscience, and the book of your own conscience, wherein all your secret villainy is recorded: for though is ceased to speak to you, yet it ceased not to write and record your actions. If your shameful sins should be divulged now, it would make you tear off your hair with indignation; but then all will be discovered. Angels and men shall point at you, and say, lo, this is the man, this is he that carried it so smoothly in the world…..O sirs, you think to carry it closely, you wait for the twilight, that none may see you: but, alas, it will be to no end, this day will discover it; and then what confusion and everlasting shame will cover you! Will not this work then?

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