Rise Up and Fight Lord!

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

Rise up and fight Lord, glorious in righteousness,
Drive out all the darkness, Thy light to overcome;
Bring an end to evil, Thy goodness Lord express,
Overcome the enemy, make Thy kingdom come.

Thou art the Warrior, the great and awesome God,
Righteousness and peace are, going to win this war.

Rise up and make Lord, in Thy day of power,
Strong and mighty people, in Thy church we pray;
Make us strong in faith Lord, in this doubting hour,
Holding fast Thy promises, given to us each day.

You are the Warrior….etc 

Rise up and bless Lord, rich in faithfulness,
Arm us with Thy gifts Lord, for the fight ahead;
Make us strong and faithful, bold and fear–less,
Preaching Jesus’ love and raising up the dead.

You are the Warrior…..etc 

Rise and anoint Lord, give Thy servants grace,
Melt our hearts with gladness, fill us with Thy love;
Take away our sin Lord, turn us Thy to face,
Make us pure and holy, come O heavenly Dove.

You are the Warrior……etc

(Tune: Gerontius; Greenhill; CM)
(© James R Hamilton – Written 7th, August, 2003

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