I Once Walked in Fear, in Darkness!

I once walked in fear, in darkness,
Held captive and broken by sin;
Of God and His Son so careless,
Until Jesus and light entered in.
My God knew my pain and my sadness,
Each detail of heart and of life;
Yet showed me his utter kindness,
And brought me such sweet relief.

I once was held fast in sin’s power,
Which ruled me and kept me in chains;
But Jesus He came and to conquer,
His grace he poured into my veins.
I tried and I tried to get freedom,
I cried and I cried for some peace;
Then, Jesus, He came with His pardon,
From judgment, He gave me release.

How can I forget that sweet tone,
You’re free, yes, you are really free;
You’ll never again be all alone,
Today He is still walking with me.
He lifted me out of my bondage,
From the filth and the mire of sin;
He’s mine till the end of the ages,
And mine through the ages of heav’n.

(Tune: Crugybar 9 8. 9 8. D anapaestic)
(© James R. Hamilton – Written Wednesday, 31st, December 2003)
(Based on my own testimony).

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