Sin of Uncleanness (2)

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

Argument One: The names and titles by which this sin is known in Scripture are very vile and base. The Spirit of God, doubtless, has put such odious names upon it, on purpose to deter and affright men from it. In general it is called lust, and so it bears the name of its mother, it is uncleanness in the abstract (Numbers 5:19). It is filthiness itself, an abomination (Ezekiel 22:11). And they that commit it are called abominable (Revelation 21:8). The word means that which is not lawful to mention; or rather, abominable persons, such are not fit for the society of men, such as should be hissed out of all men’s company: they are rather reckoned to beasts than men. Yes, the Scripture compares them to the filthiest of beasts, even to dogs. When Ishbosheth charged this sin upon Abner, “am I a dog’s head, he said, that you charge me with a fault concerning this woman”  (2Samuel 3:8)? The price of the hire of a whore and the price of a dog are put together (Deuteronomy 23:18). The expression of this lust in words, or gesture, is called neighing (Jeremiah 5:8). Even as fed horses do, that scatter their lust promiscuously. Or, if the Scripture speaks of them as men, yet it allows them but the external shape of men, not the understanding of men. Among the Jews they were called fools in Israel, “whoever commits adultery with a woman, lacks understanding” (2Samuel 13:13; Proverbs 6:32). And, “behold a woman that was a  sinner” (Luke 7:37), that is, an eminent notorious sinner: by which term the Scripture deciphers an unclean person, as if, among sinners, there were none of such a prodigious stature in sin as they. And we find, that when the Spirit of God would set forth any sin by an odious name, he calls it adultery; so idolatry is called adultery (Ezekiel 16:32). And indeed this spiritual and corporeal adultery often times are found in the same person. They that give themselves up to the one, are, by the righteous hand of God given up to the other, as it is too manifestly and frequently exemplified in the world. So earthly-mindedness has this name put upon it on purpose to affright men from it (Jeremiah 4:4). Now certainly God would never borrow the name of this sin to set out the evil of other sins, if it were not most vile and abominable. It is called the sin of the Gentiles, or heathen (1Thessalonians 4:5). And O, that we could say, it were only among them that know not God! How then are you able to look these Scriptures in the face, and not blush? O what a sin is this! Are you willing to be ranked with fools, dogs, sinners, heathen, and take your lot with them? God has planted that affection of shame in your nature to be as a guard against such filthy lusts; it is a sin that has filthiness enough in it to defile the tongue that mentions it (Ephesians (5:3).

(Works of John Flavel, Volume 5)

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