Notes on Mortification (37)

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

Some direction on how to proceed with mortification would perhaps be helpful. First, you need a clear sight of your sin, or else you can’t level your sword at it properly. Be content that God’s Spirit and word illumine your idol and deal it severe wound. If anyone tell you of your sin, your greatest enemy, count him as a dear friend. That which you can least endure a reproof for, is your master sin, as likewise that which you are most partial in, or seek most to cover or excuse, which wish with all your heart were not sin, and stand ready to pardon yourself for. That sin which rises and goes to bed with you, which haunts you when alone and in company, when at your work or in your closet, that is the sin, that like the man of sin (2Thessalonians 2:4), it exalts itself. O look to heaven, and see what work it made there; how sin cast so many angels out of their first habitations, and thrust them into chains! Those evil spirits that now solicit you to sin, are dreadful of the mischief of sin. It is a wonder they have a face to tempt to sin, it is as if murderers on death row, awaiting execution for murder should solicit men to murder. Look to paradise, and see what desolation it made there; it had almost in a moment ruined the whole creation. Look to Golgotha or Mount Calvary, or the garden, and see what sad work it made there. Look into hell, and hear what a howling it has raised there! Alas, we paint it, and then we play with it as children do with painted toys.

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