Have You Trusted in the Saviour?

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

Have you trusted in the Saviour?
Come to Him in all your need;
Have you seen your guilt and shame,
Him, Who for, your sin did bleed,
He is such a perfect Saviour;
Loving-kindness is His way,
He will lead and gently save you,
Bring God’s grace to you today.

Have you felt God’s awesome anger,
His displeasure with your state;
Have you seen sin’s awful danger,
While you on, His judgement wait;
You must turn and trust in Jesus,
For salvation now to gain,
You don’t know if God will offer,
If He’ll come your way again.

Do you know God’s righteous standard,
Do you think that you can pass;
Are you trusting in your efforts,
In this world’s uncertain paths,
Don’t you know that God’s provided,
A most sure and certain way;
Don’t you know that God’s Son Jesus,
Is your only hope today.

Have you heard about the Day,
When God will come without delay;
When for sin and man’s rebellion,
Jesus says you’ll have to pay.
Turn, O turn now to the Saviour,
Plead with Him for mercy sure;
It’s not His pleasure that you suffer,
But through His blood know that you’re pure.

Do you know that Jesus wants you,
Pleads with sinners in distress;
Wants to give you life and pardon,
Died to make you righteousness,
Yes Jesus calls, He bids you come,
Wants to love your sin away;
Put in you His Holy Spirit,
And save you from that evil day.

(Tune: Dim ond Jesu, Lux Eul, Arwelfa; 8 7. D 8 7. D)
(© James R. Hamilton – Written Friday, 25 July, 2003)

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