Lord We Praise Your Glorious Name!

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

Lord we praise Your glorious name,
You’re our joy, our chief delight;
May we always live in Your presence,
Morning, noon and every night.
Always seeking more of Your goodness,
Always hearing Your voice of love;
Give to us, more of Your fulness,
From our deadness make us live.

Show us Lord Your infinite beauty,
Something of Your loveliness;
Mark forever in our beings,
Your transcendence on us press.
Then O Lord we will surrender,
To Your will O Lord submit;
Given over altogether,
For Your holy work made fit.

Lord we humbly bow in Your presence,
Seeking more and more to decrease;
Come and make us more like Jesus,
Always ready and prone to bless.
Goodness, love and total pardon,
Spreading Your peace and good to all;
So we’ll turn, and sin abandon,
On Your marvellous grace to fall.

(Tune: Blaenwern; Bethany; 87. 87. D)
(© James R. Hamilton – Written Sunday, 20th, July, 2003)

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