Notes on Mortification (30)

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

The splendid condition of some, and the merry life that sinners lead, make men in love with their way. They who deal most kindly with their sin, and indulge and gratify a proud and sensual disposition, live the merriest lives; and with their blustering jollity, they carry the vogue in the opinion of most men who have no sanctuary-light. As for mortification, they think it dispirits one, or makes man a mope, and that to mortify sin is to mortify all pleasure and mirth. Libertinism, or perverting the grace of the gospel. Some have doctrinally and others practically made that a sanctuary for sin, which God has made a city of refuge for penitent sinners. Some think it improper to speak to believers of sin or mortification, at least that we should not preach to them against any sins, but such as argue them to be in a good disposition of body; and that we should urge love and gratitude only, and not hell or wrath. But whose doctrine is the text, and to whom is it directed? This pretended height of spirituality has often issued in looseness and profanity: this practical abuse of grace is that wherein all unsound hearts do really conspire. Antinomian, libertine, and ranting principles, are the most immediate inferences and conclusions that natural hearts draw from the doctrine of free grace; which yet, were not men strangely biassed and prejudiced by their lusts, may easily appear to be horrid perversions of the gospel. Thus he that came to destroy sin, is made a saviour of sin.

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