Water Walkers & Snake Salvation!

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

Jesus of Nazareth walked on the water,
You might try, but you hadn’t ought’r;
Pastor Francke’s a great example
A lesson for all that’s really quite ample.

Down to the river he led his flock,
They really were all, in for a shock;
Try if you will, but you hadn’t ought’r,
To be like Jesus and walk on the water.

A mighty river a boat could cross,
In twenty minutes, more or less;
Franke in faith he took the plunge,
Without a doubt, unbelief to expunge.

One foot forward, all good to go,
Down went Franke into the flow;
Deeper and down into the river,
Pastor’s gone, he’s gone forever!

Now Pastor Coots believes the truth,
You can pick up snakes if you got the faith,
Maybe it bite you and sink in its fang,
But this don’t bother Jamie, not a dang.

Now Mr Coots, yet another example,
Of which today there seems to be ample;
Snake salvation at its very best,
Is putting God surely to the test.

Now Pastor Coots he really believed,
From snakes and their venom he would be saved,
He wouldn’t countenance a call for a Doctor,
Now he’s gone too, forever and ever.

The moral is clear for any who’d hear,
Signs and wonders in the Bible it’s clear;
Pointed to Jesus and his mighty men,
They’re no longer needed, they’ve come to an end.


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