Notes on Mortification (26)

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

What we have said speaks sadly to such as either neglect this great duty, on which the text lays so much stress (Romans 8:13), or who think to mortify sin by mere moral means or considerations. For the first sort: 1. There are some that, instead of mortifying sin, cherish and feed it, and make provision for it; that are in league with it, that have common friends and common foes with it: yes, to some it is as themselves, it is as a right hand or a right eye, yes, it is as their life; wound their lusts, and their heart dies. Speak to such of mortification, and you may as easily and more persuade them to stab, or at least to lance themselves. Hence men have found out so many counterfeits of mortification, they will rather kill thousands of rams and bullocks, yes, their sons and daughters, than slay sin. What severities have some used to themselves to save their sins? What vast sums have some given to redeem the life of their sins? This has enriched and aggrandised the popish and prelatic clergy, more than ever their own or the benefactor’s piety or zeal have done.

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