Sod You Jack! (Or British Attitude if y’all Prefers)

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

Sure ain’t my trouble,
Why should I care about the heap of rubble,
Why should I care about the terror and graffiti;
Or come to that the breakdown of society,
You can do what you want, you can drop you’re guard,
Just so long it don’t fall out in my backyard.

You’re justice and your progress,
Me? I couldn’t care less,
Global issues, the air and the sea?
Hey man, just gimme my MTV,
Why should I worry, why should I care,
When the bottom line is, there’s only me here.

I don’t mean to be mean,
I just got what you call a selfish gene,
See you gotta be strong, if you’re gonna survive,
Lest the rest all get you, an’ eat you alive;
See I belong to the rank and file,
Can’t see nothing wrong with a paedophile.

Some like pink and some like blue,
Ain’t nothing else matters, only you,
Death camps and rape, riddin’ and cleansin;
Ain’t no need for you feel any tension.
God is dead, or so we all think,
Between selves and evil, can’t see no link.

The universe and humans? There yours to waste,
Ain’t it just a matter of human taste?
That’s all ok, if there no other way;
Like, you know a judgement day?
What if God is, and all this his law breaks,
Don’t you think that kind of ups the stakes?

Sod you Jack? No that won’t do,
It’s a philosophy that just ain’t true,
Cause God is good, righteous and true;
And that’s what he expects from me and you,
See Jesus came and he set the pace,
Died on a Cross, so you’d know God’s grace.

(© James R. Hamilton – Written Tuesday, 20th, January, 2004)

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