Notes on Mortification (25)

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

How does a mortified man go on in reference to the lawful things of this life? Answer, 1. With a great indifference. If he live, if he be rich, if full, if he abound, it is well; and if he die, if he be poor or empty, it is also well. If David be on the throne, it is well, he can sing Psalms; if he be flying and bare-footed, with ashes on his head, it is well, he can then also pen Psalms of praise.  If he be at home in his house in the sanctuary, it is well; if banished and chased from the house of God, it is well. Hezekiah is victorious, the Assyrians are slain, it is well. Isaiah prophesies that his treasures shall be spoiled, and his children carried captive, this is good too. Our blessed Lord is the same when the people sing hosannas, and when they cry, “crucify him”, and spit in his face. The mortified man is peremptory about nothing here, he trembles at such a word as, “give me children, or else I die”, children or no children, riches or no riches, that is well; or when one loves, rejoices, weeps, as if he loved, rejoiced, or wept not. 2. the heart goes slowly and faintly out after other creatures. If anything work upon the mortified man, it affects him not much, “but none of these things move me, neither count I may life dear unto myself”  (Acts 20:24). Grace makes the heart move slowly and leisurely to all things beneath God. A mortified man is as a sea that has no winds, that ebbs not and flows not, “he only is my rock, I shall not be greatly moved” (Psalm 62:2). The mortified man sings, and is not light; and weeps, and is not sad; is zealous in God’s cause, and yet composed in spirit; he is not so eager on anything but he can quit it for God. Ah few can act, but they over-act. There is often in young converts too great and fervent outgoings of the soul even after spiritually created comforts; this is somewhat childish. Mortification is a gracious, well composed, grave temper of soul; the man weeps as if he wept not; but as for God, the soul goes forth in its full strength.

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