O Lord You Are Most Glorious!

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

O Lord You are most glorious,
A great eternal God;
In whom there is no darkness,
Whose light is shed abroad,
Your beauty and Your power Lord,
Are seen in Your whole plan,
In the glory of the gospel,
Your grace to sinful man.

O Lord You are so gracious,
Your love it knows no end;
Your grace and Your compassion,
Through Jesus You did send;
Your goodness and Your care,
Your presence and Your fame,
Made known to people everywhere,
Who trust the Saviours’ name.

O Lord You are amazing,
Your splendour fills the sky;
Your goodness and Your blessing;
To men in sin who’ve died,
Your grace and sovereign kindness;
Your Spirit’s breathing life,
Removal of our darkness,
Your wondrous, marvellous light.

O Lord You are so patient,
Long-suffering and wise;
Your love to us abundant,
A world in sin that lies,
You gave us Your commandment,
Your law we have defied;
But Jesus made atonement,
For our sin He died.

(Tune: Rutherford; Day of Rest; Morning Light; 76. 76. D)
(© James R Hamilton – Written Tuesday, 6th, August, 2003)

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