Notes on Mortification (24)

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

There are some things that are evidences of a great shortcoming in terms of mortification, yes, even in the regenerate, the reborn. When the reflecting and the remembering of former lusts and idols excites our affections, or is accompanied with delight or provokes new desires (Ezekiel 28:19). There is an acting over again of sin, repetition. It is sad when we cannot look upon the picture, no, even read or hear the name of our idol lust, but we bow down our heads, and our affection is kindled, or some corrupt passion stirs. Where sin is mortified, every remembrance  of it revives our sorrow for it; it is like a new stroke upon an old wound, especially after the soul has been held over hell for it, and may be under much outward trouble also; for it is indeed some unmortified sin that ordinarily brings on desertion and trouble (Isaiah 57:17). When the moon (an emblem of the world) is under our feet (Revelation 12:1), there can be no eclipse of the sun, and no storms. The Lord may, for own holy ends, exercise the most mortified Christian; but ordinarily it is some root of bitterness springing up that he strikes at. And oh! to what a sea of temporary wrath does our indulgence to some sin expose us, yet how hard is it to bring us to lay all at the door of a beloved lust. It were easy to cure most men’s inward troubles were they but faithful to themselves.

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