Notes on Mortification (16)

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

If you consider the previous note and the necessity if what we have said there for the sake of your communion with God, who is a holy God, yes, glorious in holiness. It may be the reason you are kept at the door for many days, because of your filthy garments. You must fight for every step of nearness to God, and must conquer sin before you triumph (Romans 7:24; Romans 8:1). As life is insured in the text to mortification, so the more one mortifies sin, the more the beginnings of this life he has here, “he that overcomes, eats of the hidden manna” (Revelation 2:17). And he is admitted to read his name in the book of life; he gets a white stone and in the stone a new name. A Christian who is intermittent in the mortification of sin, cannot keep up communion with God, nor the faith of his interest in God. “If we say we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, in ignorance and sin we lie” (1John 1:6). God is light and in him is no darkness. He is not a God that has pleasure in wickedness. Unmortified souls must needs have base thoughts of God, as the more profligate heathens painted their goods in ugly and lascivious forms. But generally nature taught them something of the purity of God: And such as have no mind to be like him, think or wish he were like them.

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