Notes on Mortification (13)

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

Some there are who need more grace than others for mortification of sin, some have as much as others, yet not enough for themselves; some have a harder task than others in mortifying the deeds of the body; sin has greater advantages in some than others; some are under worse circumstances than others, such as lift up and bring out their corruptions, some are under more severe provocations. Some have fuel poured upon their corruptions daily; and it may be want of this, that makes others’ corruptions to look dead when they are not, just a fire lacking fuel, when under the ashes, which look as if the fire’s gone out, but it isn’t. It may be so ordered for some, for their trial and humiliation. What saint, almost, seems more impatient than Job, yet, who more mortified than he? Finally, there is in every believer a spiritual principle, that is working toward the death of all sin; but for bringing the matter about, our utmost diligence is required (2Peter 1:5). Sin is at first deadly wounded, but not at once killed, and when we pursue not our advantage against it, it recovers some strength, and rages, and is exasperated more than where it was never touched.

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