Notes on Mortification (12)

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

This deadness to spiritual self, has in it a deadness to spiritual comforts. Some are more taken up with comforts, than the Comforter: but the rays and beams of the sun are not the sun: that is the real height of mortification, when we’re taken up only with our objective happiness, when we’re dead to sense and feeling, and actual comforts. It is true that feeling and sense of comforts are in themselves sweet and desirable things: but, here we are at fault, when our comfort arises either from our own act of love, joy, desire, or from the effects of God’s love to us, more than from the God of all comfort. Now, some may think this too much; yet it is plain that we must be dead to these, 1. So as not to question the love of God, only because we want them. 2. So as not to be angry with him, when he withholds them. It is necessary to have a sense of comfort; but it is sinful when we charge him foolishly, for denying them; for, as the night and evening shadows are good for flowers and herbs, and better than a continual hot sun, so are desertions of special use to us; they feed humility, and quicken hunger and thirst. 3. So as to maintain a humble hardness in believing, under angry-like dealings, especially when we have ground to think that they are only for trying and humbling us. Indeed when sin has driven out Christ and comfort, that is like having a boil on either side; a man can find ease on neither. 4. So as not to be secure, when we have them. Some behave, as if heavenly comforts could maintain themselves (Song 5:1-2, 5). So as to be in case to mourn with them that mourn, and not to be so taken up with your personal comforts, as to be untouched with the concerns of Christ, or the afflictions and sufferings of his followers (Daniel 9:23, 10:2-3).

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