Abominable Obsession!

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

Sodomy, they say it is a sin,
Of which God’s patience wears extremely thin;
Ah! but it’s a sin of which there’s many,
Claims the voice of apostate clergy!

A sin, a sin though none can deny,
Even though the world may ask why?
Tis a crime of fullest measure,
Most surely met with God’s displeasure.

Sodom’s city met a tragic end,
They would not listen, their way amend;
God’s heaven rained, his fire fell,
Man and beast, consumed, a living hell.

Buildings fell, streets were broken,
A taste of wrath? Surely tis a token;
Crops and streets and all the land,
Power and ire that none could withstand.

That such a sin could be committed,
In God’s good world be permitted;
Earth forbid and heaven too,
A warning most clear, for me and you.

A sin amongst which there’s many?
Speak up and out, what of your progeny?
A sin so grievous, not one midst more,
God came and razed this city to the floor.

His law forbids and for our good,
For all to hear and obey we should;
Go against his law and nature,
We put in danger everyone’s future.

For such a time we find we’re in,
It falls to those whom God has chosen;
To play the man and speak his word,
Lest Sodom’s sin make you a coward.

This world you see and all mankind,
Belongs to God whose very kind;
Sees you all as his possession,
Won’t permit this ‘abominable obsession’.

(James R Hamilton)

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