Notes on Mortification (8)

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

So, we must remember, sin remains, always, while we are in this world, therefore, it is to be mortified, killed, put to death (Romans 8:13). The vain, foolish and ignorant talk of men about perfection in the keeping of God’s law in this life, of being completely dead to sin, is utter nonsense, hardly worth the refuting. One can only wonder if such ever knew what it meant to keep one of those commandments, or if they ever knew what sin really is. For those of us who refuse to be wise beyond what is written in God’s holy word, we freely acknowledge that sin lives in us, to some measure or degree, while we are in this world. We dare not make the claim that we had already attained, were already perfect (Philippians 3:12). Our outward man is to be renewed day by day, as long as we live ((2Corinthians 4:16); and so accordingly, there must be daily renewal otherwise the old man will not be broken down and killed. While we are here, we but know in part (1Corinthians 13:12), we yet have a remainder of darkness to be bit by bit removed by our growth in the knowledge of our God and Saviour Jesus Christ (2Peter 3:18). The flesh lusts against the Spirit, so that we cannot do the things that we would (Galatians 5:17). Therefore, we are defective in our obedience as well as in our light (1John 1:8). We have a body of death (Romans 7:24), from which we are not delivered but by the death of our bodies (Philippians 3:21). So it is our duty to mortify, to be killing sin while it is still in us, we must be at work, the work is not yet done, until we are done in this world.

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