The Precious Blood!

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

Your precious blood Lord Jesus,
That holy crimson tide;
Through faith in it God pleases,
My sin from Him to hide.

O cleanse and sanctify me,
At one with God me make;
I’ll praise and I’ll adore Thee,
My sin dear Saviour take.

I love Your cross Lord Jesus,
The nails and wounded side;
Your work from sin releases,
And God with me abides.

O blessed holy fountain,
O blood most sweet and free;
Forgiveness that is certain,
O Jesus found in Thee.

I’ll glory in Your cross Lord,
Rejoice in all You’ve done;
Your Name I’ll praise and laud,
Who, my salvation’ s won.

O wash me Jesus wash me,
O make me clean within;
I’ll love and glorify Thee,
Set free from death and sin.

I’ll worship You in Spirit,
I’ll revel in Thy truth;
My heart and life submit,
For, You take every breath.

Your blood O Jesus bought me,
The price is fully paid;
The Son of God hast sought me,
For me Your blood was shed.

(Tune: Rutherford 76. 76. D)
(© James R Hamilton – Written Wednesday, 4th, August, 2004)

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